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November 9, 2013
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Jeff the Killer x reader x Eyeless Jack by Cryaotic8008135 Jeff the Killer x reader x Eyeless Jack by Cryaotic8008135
~Your view~

    You yawned while walking beside Slenderman as you stretched your arms above your head. 


You heard him hum in response.

"Are we almost at home?"

You said while cracking your back from all the painful chasing of the mortal's in his forest. 

"Don't worry child, we are almost back at the house."

You groaned in annoyance while mumbling curse words under your breath.

"What was that?"

 Suddenly a white faceless face was centimeters away from yours.


You studdered while holding your bloody hands up in defense.


Slenderman turned back around and teleported to the house, leaving you in the middle of the forest.

"...... The hell just happened?"

You asked to the air while looking around.

"I swear... when he falls asleep, I am going to draw on his face with a sharpie!" 

You growled while stomping in the direction you think is home. Sure yeah you weren't the brightest when it came to directions because you always followed Slender where ever he went. You groaned while walking around random tree's through-out the forest.

"Damn it...."

You sighed while leaning back against the nearest tree and sliding down the trunk. 

"Its late and I am in the middle of a freaking forest..."

You grumbled while stabbing the ground repeatedly with your knife.

"Someone sounds grumpy."

Smirked a voice as footsteps got closer to you. You sighed as you rose your head, only to make eye contact with an eyelidless face. 

"Hello Jeff."

You said with no emotion while stabbing the knife back into the ground. 

"Hello my dearest little (name)."

He smirked while sitting in front of you.

"....You smell like a period tampon."

You cringed while covering your nose from the smell.

"Well you darling smell like Smiles took a crap on you."

Jeff smirked while straddling your outstretched legs.

"Jeff get the hell off of me... I am in no mood..."

Jeff laughed while tracing his bloody fingers over your jawline. 

"Maybe I could make you in the mood."

He smirked while sliding his cold, bloody, clammy hands up your sweat shirt.

"Jeff I said that-"

Your speech was cut off by chapped lips sealed into yours.

You let out an annoyed sigh through your nose as you lazily draped your arms around his shoulders, returning his kiss. Jeff moaned into the kiss while pulling himself close to yours as his manhood grazed against your hips.

"Mmn I want you so badly." 

Jeff groaned while rolling his hips against yours, causing your breath the hitch in your throat.

"But.... I'm not ready."

He leaned down and whispered seductively into your ear.

"I can make you ready."

Before things got to out of hand, Jeff was sent flying to the side as a black shoe kicked him off of you. 

"Leave my girl alone you sick perverted moron."

Jack growled while gripping his hands into fists.

"Well, well, well..... Eyeless Jack comes to rescue the little girl."

Jeff smirked while standing up as blood trickled down his face.

~~ Cliff hanger here! Comment and fav and maybe I will make a part 2!~~
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Part 2... Yes that sounds good.
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There is a part two
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